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2 Day Supervisors Management Skills Training Programme
Price: €395
Tuesday 12 November 2019, 10:00 - 16:30
Early Booking Recommended

Programme Aim & Objectives:

The objectives for this 2 day programme is to equip Supervisors with the skills to help them manage their teams, motivate their teams, manage daily staffing issues, know legal impacts, monitoring job performance effectively, learn strong communication skills and understand the psychology of service.

On Day 1 we will start with identifying relevant hotel legislation as Supervisors should have a clear understanding of the legislation pertaining to the sale of alcohol, their responsibilities and acknowledge that their awareness is key.
We will also identify the importance of Performance Management, management styles and setting SMART objectives. Getting it right from day one with new team members is the key to success. Taking a practical approach this module will help supervisors to gain an understanding of the importance of performance management. Through role play and practice pieces, they will develop the skill and a level of comfort in adapting these techniques in the workplace.
There will be group exercises, discussion and case studies to help participants recognise the importance of motivation and motivating factors which will give them techniques and practical steps they can take to motivate their teams.
We will also help participants to acknowledge why the effective use of their time is so important. They will learn practical tools that will help them to make best use of their time. They will gain an understanding of the actions and steps they need to take in order to achieve their tasks and meet their deadlines.

On Day 2 we will identify the role of a Supervisor as Supervisors should know what it expected of them, and what their official responsibilities are. Participants will complete an individual exercise to identify their strengths and weaknesses. A self-reflection questionnaire will help them to rate their own ability to assert themselves, solve problems and cope with pressure. By being honest with themselves the participant will understand the need to improve in certain aspects of how they work. We will then outline the plan for the rest of the day and how will we address these issues.

Additional modules will include Body Language and Communication Skills as participants should understand the importance of body language and the effect it has on guests and other members of staff. They will learn how to adopt a ‘work’ posture that is both comfortable and assertive. The Body Language Exercises will recur throughout the rest of the session, underpinning everything we do ‘on the job’.

Supervisors should know how to write clear instructions, take clear notes that can be passed on to other members of staff, or checked by themselves, at a later date. They should know about, and actively use different communication strategies to motivate and inform their team and should be able to deal with complaints successfully and professionally without the need to bring the complaint higher up.



Fees must be paid in full in advance of commencement on this workshop. No refund will be made on any fees paid as a result of a cancellation of a place at any stage in this programme.
There is a 3.5% surcharge for online payment processing


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Grace Gallagher