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Psychology – It’s all in the mind.

It would be great if people were as predictable as fine-tuned machines. We are not, we are human and our emotions, conditioning and history can impact our work and how we behave.
Psychology is a vital part of what we do and who we are. Understanding impact and understanding why people act as they do, say what they do and behave as they do is a far deeper and sustainable way of effecting change, ownership and motivation.
Without that depth, expertise and know how, it’s more likely you’ll treat the symptoms rather than the cause.
We don’t like treating symptoms, it doesn’t fix anything even in the short term.
Everything we do is anchored in pure psychology and that’s why Dr. Ultan Sherman leads this division.

We have workshops and mentoring in the following areas;

  • The psychology of leadership
  • The psychology behind great sales
  • The psychology of marketing
  • The psychology of performance and presentation
  • The psychology of great service
  • The psychology of motivation
  • Understanding your personality type
  • Understanding fear and performance barriers
  • Understanding stress, anxiety and its impact
  • Understanding emotions


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