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Who We Are

Conor Kenny & Associates are all about people and getting the very best out of your people.

With a strong track record in the luxury end of the hotel and hospitality business, our expertise is sharply focused on service, sales and high impact, no cost ideas to make very special customer encounters. 

We want to share this expertise, learning and 15 years of developing our original and highly successful content with you. 

Would You Love Your Service To Be Even Better?

Of course you would but before we start .... 

No, this is not another 'service specialists' presentation, its a very different presentation, with substance, and a powerful track record of original learning that you won't have been offered before ....

For your people, is it?

  • Time to be proactive?
  • Time to be less dependent on passing traffic?
  • Time to propel your brand?

At Conor Kenny & Associates we know a lot about service, really good service and how that grows your people, your business and your profit. 

The best expression of superb service is in the luxury end of the hotel business. 

This has been our space for the last 15 years (just take a look at who we work with) and if really great proactive service is important to you then we would like to teach, share and bring that to you, and your people, combining 3 powerful cornerstones that'll drive your business, brand and people upwards:

  • The Psychology of great service. As the title says, anchored in psychology and how people react and respond. What emotional buying means and why practical selling can jar. 
  • The power of proactive service and how luxury hotels anticipate to maximise opportunity and loyalty. 
  • Upselling and how great hotels teach us how to add product, profit, innovation, value and delightful surprises that accelerate business, performance and loyalty. 

To develop great service you develop great people

To develop great people you have to teach them, involve them and help them discover their own solutions. 

This is the foundation of our success and, more importantly, our lasting impact.  

If you'd like to learn more and your service to be even better

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