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Eilish WallThere is no better feeling of waking up to look at the clock to realise it is my day off and I don’t have to get up at 6.30am. I love my sleep and I relish a lie in on my day off, however I really like to make the most of my day off. I grew up in Mayo only 5 miles from Ashford Castle, I have lived and worked in Dublin for almost four years. Whilst, I really like visiting my family and friends in Mayo, I thoroughly enjoy my days off in Dublin, as there is so much to do. My morning ritual always starts with a slice of lemon in hot water, I usually change into my gym gear, grab a banana and I am out the door.

During the week, I enjoy yoga, sculpt & tone and zumba classes, so on my day off I try and change it up. Sometime new and stimulating I really enjoy is gravity climbing, which really tests my physical and mental endurance. I grew up in the countryside so climbing trees and making tree houses was the norm  however I wouldn’t be naturally be comfortable with heights. There are many different grades to test myself and I challenge myself against my boyfriend who  has no fear.

Afterwards I like to go to my gym to practice swimming, I recently took swimming lessons to finally overcome my childhood fear of water. I had an incident last year during a team development programme on the Ashford Estate. The challenge was called “The narrow sea crossing” and the objective was to cross the pond without falling in, even though the water was only up to my waist, I totally panicked and couldn’t compete in the challenge. It is an amazing feeling to  have overcome my fear however I don’t think I will make a place on the synchronized swimming team just yet but I look forward to facing my fears with the  narrow sea crossing, the 50 meter tree climb and zip line the next time on the Ashford Estate!

Once I am home and showered, my favourite part of the day is brunch. I love to cook and I am adventurous with food and trying new recipes. I suffer from “hangry” I need to be fed, otherwise… I am very lucky to work in the hospitality business, as I get to experience and delight in the best of food from Chef Phillippe in Ashford Castle and Chef Jonathan in The Lodge at Ashford Castle. It is always wise to keep in with the Chefs, especially the Pastry Chefs! If I don’t cook, I adore eating out, I very fond of Mayfield which is close to me in Terenure and has a lovely brunch/lunch menu and a relaxed atmosphere.

If the weather is good, I like to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and I often visit Bushy Park or if I have time I like to take a visit to Phoenix Park. We are very lucky having so many events to do and see in Dublin in the evening, whether it is going to a concert, seeing a play or a show. My evenings would usually work around food, I have a great selection of cook books including a cook book from Mrs. Tollman’s the President and Founder of Red Carnations Hotels, recipes I have enjoyed cooking include Prawn Stroganoff and an Indian Curry. If I don’t cook, I like to indulge in many of the wonderful restaurants in Dublin. I love try new places and new food, I especially like Spanish tapas and every time I experience Viva on Richmond Street, I feel like they are welcoming me into their home. As we enter the restaurant, we are always welcomes by our names and they offer a great menu and a superb gluten free chocolate cake. The staff are very friendly and have inspired me to take up Spanish lessons which we try and practice when we dine there.

Afterwards I like to enjoy a few drinks and depending on the mood, I can relish in a cocktail bar or a traditional Irish bar where you are very likely to see me jiving, waltzing and enjoying the craic to great Irish traditional music. When I get home it is off to bed, I like to give thanks and to be grateful for what I have. I fall asleep, looking forward to the next day.

Eilish is Senior Sales Manager at Ashford Castle and at The Lodge at Ashford Castle.



prestige award 2020
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