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It’s Time to Grow


Conor Kenny

November 2011


You can only worry, be negative and stay down for so long. After that you have 2 choices, grow or die.

It’s time to grow; the alternative is not much fun.


A Business is just like a garden, there’s no difference. It has seasons and it ebbs and flows like nature itself

You have to mind it, watch it and nurture it. You have to drive it on, plant new things and cut back.

You have to invest, take risks and see what works.

You might even use a guide book but it won’t quite match the DNA of your unique garden.


For the last 4 years we have had the pruning tools out. That was then, this is now.

Just like your garden, there is a time to drop the shears and begin to fertilise, nurture and plant.


The purpose of business is to create customers. Without customers and guests there is no conversation. People are at the core of everything and to ignore them is to begin the sounding of the death knell.

Yes sure, hotels have been pretty good with being gust focused and investing in their creature comforts. Sadly, that has not been true of training, inspiring, teaching and motivating. That has consequences.

You may end up with a gold plated temple but if the guys on stage have not been trained then it’s bound to be a pretty awful show.


Money can be the curse of a business. It’s easy to solve a problem with a cheque book but far more creative and enduring to solve it through your people.


Every day we work with hotel teams and we set them the challenge of solving gust centered problems. Sounds easy? It is until we apply these rules. They have to be low or no cost. They have to challenge the norm. They have to have a high impact on the guest and it has to make everyone smile. That eliminates cheque books and easy ideas. It works, we know, try it. We call it The Ideas Factory and you should too.


Good hotel managers need to do three things as we emerge from the darkness. They have to invest in their people. That means time must be allocated and importance must be placed. They must listen and listen with care. Finally, they must be there. After all, a ship always has a captain on the bridge and what do you think he spends most of his time doing?


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