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Ten Reasons Why a Recession is Great!
I used to enjoy reading the newspaper. Today I don’t, I’m almost afraid. You see, this recession thing has become a national obsession. It dominates our every move, twist and turn.
First there is fright, followed by panic, then heaps of fear and piles of anger. When all that settles down we are left with a dreadful hollow empty feeling and a terrible dread that recession will become depression.
But I’m not convinced recession is such a bad thing, in fact, I have come to the conclusion that a recession is great. The problem is, the more we have the more we think we need.
Let me tell you 10 reasons why;

  • It means we have to solve problems without money.
  • It asks politicians to solve problems without writing a cheque.
  • It restores our view on the value of that little nest egg.
  • It proves those funny little things can go down as well as up.
  • It makes us appreciate everything that is free.
  • It refreshes lost values and reinforces the joy of family, home cooking and being happily creative.
  • It means we can relearn how to say ‘no’
  • It proves a whole generation wrong.
  • It rebalances the soul of the nation.
  • It releases us from greed, gluttony and excess.

As the song goes, and what a good time to sing it! “Always look on the bright side of life”.
Yours Faithfully
Conor Kenny.

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