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Have you seen me?

I’m that regular customer who is often in your place. I’m a little shy, just normal and very patient.
I’m so patient that I watch with a slight soft smile as your staff dash here, dash there, but never seem to notice me.

Sometimes I look on and watch your staff enjoying a little gossip. I smile then too. They don’t realise that I can hear them, and I’m amazed they don’t even see me. It’s funny though, because sometimes they are gossiping about their company, their boss, their job and even about those ‘nasty little creatures’ we call customers. Yet, they never see me standing right under their nose and listening to their every word.

As the invisible man I see everything but those beautifully dressed professionals seem to see nothing. Often, I will go into a beautiful comfy and cosy reception area. I will admire the expensive furniture, the features and the beautiful paintings, but I will wonder too. I’ll wonder if the smart receptionist with the smart uniform is alive…or maybe just another feature? I’ll marvel at the speed they chew gum. I’ll wonder why they are fixated by their nails, pc or phone, and I’ll be amazed at how they never even notice my entrance or my presence!

To many, I’m just that ordinary guy we call the guest, the client or the customer. But, to my friends, family and colleagues, I’m a little more than that, I might even be a little bit special. You see, I’m that regular average guy who everyday makes the wheels of industry turn. There are lots of me, in fact thousands and millions. I represent the majority, not the few, and I represent the invisible customer everywhere.

But I’m smiling my wry smile again. Any idea why? Thing is, I’m not stupid, though invisible to you, I do see everything. I also see choice, options and alternatives…and...I know my ‘rights’. I have just exercised those ‘rights’ and Guess what? …. I won’t be back, no matter what.

Why am I still smiling my wry smile? Well, it tickles me that every day and every year your company spends so much money advertising for me to come to you. Funny thing is, if you had opened your eyes in the first place, I was already there! ….. but now, I’m gone.

Copyright – conor kenny & associates limited.

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