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Every publican wants his or her business to work to its full potential whether you own a small rural public house or a superpub. But how you achieve realistic improvements, increase turnover, attract new customers, improve existing business and diversify into new areas, is the real question.

Naturally, no two pubs are the same. Each premises has its own dynamics from size, location, catchement area, competition to price, service, sports, entertainment, etc. Therefore, there is no obvious 'quick fix' or 'cure all' where a publican can wave their proverbial magic wand and increase their turnover and level of service and customer satisfaction.

A new Irish company, Conor Kenny & Associates may provide some, if not all, of the answers. Conor Kenny & Associates has been established to create exclusive, creative solutions for the individual needs for the licensed, restaurant and leisure industry. Conor is well known in the trade with over 21 years' experience in the business starting out in Kilkenny Design, before working in the UK for almost a decade and later working with the McNally Design Group.

However, working in the design and build area it also became apparent that many premises were actually very good and did not need a complete 'overhaul'. The solutions to their particular problems involved, quite often, relatively simple improvements in various areas.

It was through this experience that Conor decided to put the knowledge acquired over 21 years to a different use and now Conor Kenny & Associates provides a virtual 'health check' for your business. More often than not, all you need to improve your circumstances substantially is to look at it through a fresh pair of eyes, know what you are looking for, and apply the necessary solutions. This can be tailor-made to suit each business and each budget, but naturally when the end result is increased turnover, profit and business, it is practically self-financing, said Conor.

Conor Kenny & Associates is a unique, bespoke service for the licensed, restaurant and leisure industry. Having worked with everyone from major drinks brands and international hotel groups to small rural pubs, Conor has a deep understanding of what goes into creating a successful venue.

Conor's career has taken him to a wide variety of venues all over the world. A distinguished sales and marketing professional, he is passionate about raising standards and improving performance.

Conor Kenny & Associates brings together this experience in design, sales, marketing and operations to provide a personalised service, from sorting out your lunchtime to helping you create a brand.

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