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Did you know that a business loses 25 per cent of it’s customers every year?

This being the case, Conor Kenny & Associates assists businesses to rejuvenate their turnovers by finding the best ways to replace those customers and build customer numbers still further:

The company has helped a number of clients achieve their aims in this regard: West in Dublin, Coyle & Sons in Roscommon, The Huntsman in Galway, Dillon’s of Longford, Clancy’s in Limerick, The Parrish in Dungarvan and Clarke & Sons in Dublin.

Conor Kenny & Associates’ Design Solutions sets about optimising the environment in your premises, matching it to your customer’s expectations. This might require a complete overhaul, a minor adjustment to the décor or no adjustment at all.

Every pub has it’s own DNA. These are the benefits, assets and customers of the pub itself, which can only have been tailor-made. Following initial discussions with the proprietor, Conor Kenny & Associates formulates a brief which it takes away for consideration before returning to sit down with the client and staff in a workshop format which will result in marketing the premises more effectively.

But without staff who’re trained and focused on the sales approach, all the effort put into the project could be dissipated in non-productive directions so the company completes the triangle through training.

The best thing about Conor Kenny & Associates’ three-pronged solution is that this philosophy can hold equally true for any business and not just the licensed trade.

The company began assisting all sorts of businesses in overcoming this customer seepage problem last April and now has 25 clients on its books ranging from one of the largest outlets on the country, West in Blanchardstown, to a theatre in London’s West End. The company is also working with two of the biggest operators in the UK and has worked on two London pubs, The Bull’s Head (Design Solutions) and Monaghan’s (Training).

Conor Kenny had a great deal of international experience ranging from outlets in Las Vegas to outlets in Europe and is now bringing that experience to bear on the home market. The company offers a one-to-one-based relationship with its client, which is fee-based so that the client has cost transparency from the outset.

The company is interested in building a long-term relationship, not a short-term one and believes that the fastest way to maximise profits is to sweat your assets and staff.

There is no standard solution to anyone’s customer problems’. No one-off-the shelf solution exists.

It’s often found during the course of an initial call from a publican that the publican himself doesn’t exactly know what the problem is and the first task is to get publicans to look at their premises as a business.

Conor Kenny & Associates helps the publican do just that.

This article was published in Drinks Industry Ireland, 2003.

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