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Fear. It is at the root of most problems and all anxiety. Of course fear is the only thing to fear. Fear comes from a deep inner belief that you won't be able to handle whatever it is that life throws at you. On the contrary, you already have.

Fear is also at the heart of moving job. That's not a good enough reason. It is paralysis and that is worse than the event itself. It's a cliché to say every business is driven by people. The problem is, many bosses are conflicted by their own insecurity or flaws. The road to success often emerges from the far side of failure.

You know you need to leave. You know it's now but you don't quite have the courage. However, to conquer fear you have to expose yourself to it. Soon after, you will utter those immortal words "Why didn't I do that sooner?" As the book says "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" (Susan Jeffers)

Here's my take on why you need to rethink your future and, if your inner voice is saying you should go - you probably should go.

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I'm Just Not Happy

You need to leave if you experience a tummy shaking sense of dread going to work. The best work is done when people are happy. Happiness removes fear but some Bosses use it as a tool to control you.

Monday and Friday

You need to leave if Friday is euphoric and Monday Hell then you're already fast-tracking towards the exit. Work is not life, it is a part of life. If you are remotely close to the above Monday and Friday feelings you need to ask yourself if those extreme swings are worth. Good jobs, with good employers should mean there's very little difference between both Monday and Friday.

He'd Hang You to Save His Own Skin.

Some years back, I sat in on a very tense meeting. They wanted cuts, serious cuts. The room was full of managers, many of them average. When push came to shove, they hung their subordinates to save their own neck. Although pirates inevitably perish, they can create carnage because of their own agenda.

You Threaten Him

You need to leave if he employed you but then he realised you were better than him. Oh Dear! Knowing he was exceptionally fortunate to have reached such dizzy heights, his number one goal is to protect his lofty luxury nest. If you threaten that, you will see his ability to focus on your demise. You're better than him, it's time to go.

You Aren't Learning

At the interview they all seemed very nice. Nice not necessarily ambitious, bright or focused. Just nice. On the contrary, you want to learn, develop, grow and more. Look around. Is that the culture? If not, it's unlikely to change anytime soon.

"Training is For Soldiers"

If you heard this, you need to really think about leaving. A business owner said this to me once. It told me everything and answered every question I had been thinking of asking him. Good companies, good employers and good Bosses believe in training and want to develop you. Why on earth would anyone want the opposite? (Unless they were lazy, failing, irrelevant or more)

Your Career Path

A dream without vision might just turn into a Nightmare, your Nightmare.

A really good Boss and Employer can always see your future. They have Vision. They share it and nurture it with you.

If they can't see your future they have no vision. A company with no vision simply has no idea where it is going. I'm sure that's a reason, in itself, to think about saying"Farewell"

The Games Master

If your Boss or Employer is a head game fan, leave them to it. It's definitely time to go.

I Can't Get In and I Can't Get a Word In

Great Bosses, no matter how busy, make time when you need it. If your Boss is constantly saying "Don't have a minute, another time" make sure the 'other time' is spent with people who value you.

If your Boss is a talker rather than a listener then he doesn't hear you. If he doesn't hear you, he's out of touch. Wouldn't you rather be in the hands of someone who is?

You're My Favourite

We have all seen the Boss' Pet. Thing is, Pets don't last but favouritism is not forgotten. If you're losing out because The Pet is safely installed then it's unlikely that'll change. Then again, would you want to stay where that's the case? It might be you who needs to change?

No Value on Values

If there are no values, you need to leave.

Early in our career, our first Employer and Boss, is easily our Hero. How they behave is something you're acutely aware of.

I remember one of my very first Bosses openly being highly creative with his expenses. I remember another who refused to charge for mileage because he felt he was "just doing my job".

Guess which one went on to greater things and guess which one I left?

He's a Bully.

If he's a Bully. Go. Now. Fast. Quicker.

No time to talk, persuade, act or more. Grab your coat. Go, go, go.

I Spy

You need to leave if your Boss thinks work is The Cold War.

Or maybe I should say "I the Spy"

I know a Boss who spends hours, every day, spying on his Staff with CCTV. It'll be an interesting day when his Boss asks him what he achieved this week. Aren't Spies usually charged with treason?

Volcanic People

If the atmosphere is hotter than Hell, you need to leave.

It sounds like a tribe and maybe they are. People who lose their temper are unpredictable and immediately lose trust from peers. Without trust there can be no respect and if you don't respect your brand, Boss or Employer, you need to polish your CV.

Conor Kenny is the Author of 'Sales Tales' - True stories of how great sales happen and the Principal of Ireland & the UK's leading independent hospitality training, learning and development company, Conor Kenny & Associates

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