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Is your team’s mental health and well-being as good as it could be or is it affecting their performance at work?


Everyone worries to a greater or lesser extent.
However, if you do not understand how to manage your thoughts, anxiety or worries, quickly, not only will they dominate your life, but they will also rule how you act, what you believe, and it won’t be long before performance is seriously affected and distorted.

This course will help participants to understand themselves, their thoughts, and any distorted thinking that may exist. It will give them several useful tips, techniques, and proven interventions that will allow them to understand their thoughts, manage them more effectively and be far more fulfilled and productive at work,  in their community, and in life.


For professional organisations that value professional development. Simply everyone and anyone at work from the most junior to the most senior but only to those who would choose to go rather than being told to go. Again, it is an educational course, not a therapeutic intervention.

DURATION: 2 days with a minimum gap of 1 week.

WHERE:  We come to you. You come to us


  • What is Mental Health?
  • What is Good Mental Health?
  • Early Signs of Poor Mental Health.
  • Some Facts.
  • Where did it All Begin?
  • How Many Mental Health Issues Do You Know?
  • How Are You Doing?
  • What Are Thoughts?
  • What Are Emotions?
  • What Is the Difference Between Worry and Anxiety?
  • What Is Depression?
  • What is the Role and What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Why We Worry.
  • The Worry Tree.
  • Anxiety.
  • Theory – Trigger, Thought, Emotion, Physical Response.
  • Life Values.
  • Life Wheel.
  • 3 Ways to Free Yourself from Chronic Anxiety.
  • Distorted Thoughts.
  • Writing Versus Thinking.
  • The Importance of Relaxation.
  • Naming Anxiety.
  • Mistaken Assumptions.
  • Distraction Techniques.
  • The Need to Control.
  • The power of surrender and acceptance.
  • The 2 most Dangerous Words Ever.
  • Avoidance and The Field.
  • The STOP Technique.
  • Thought Records.
  • What Helps?
  • Wise Mind Sheet.
  • Useful Resources.
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