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Well-being, mental health and addiction at work

Do you understand addiction, well-being, and mental health in the workplace?


You and your participants will have a very deep understanding of addiction in the workplace, how it is hidden, the signs, the types of narcotics, alcohol abuse and the risks for you of not having a strategy for these events.
You will learn all about mental health and finally, on day 3 you will learn about positive mental health at work and how to take care of your people better.


For professional organisations who value professional development, HR Directors, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors

DURATION:  3 Days with gaps in between

WHERE:  We come to you. You come to us


Delivered by one of Ireland’s leading experts in this complex field, this course is designed to give you a deep insight into addiction, mental-health, interventions, motivational conversations and the do’s and don’ts of dealing with anyone suffering.
The greatest barriers to performance can sometimes be hidden.
Addiction, anxiety, fear, poor overall well-being are bound to distract, deflect, and prevent performance.
The programme has 3 individual modules, over 3 days, which will provide managers with vital information on and how to recognise 3 issues at work - mental health, addiction and its types, well-being, and motivational strategies.

You will learn all about addiction, its causes, the types, the signs and what not to do.
You will learn how common addiction at work is and you will learn all about the various types of addiction, alcohol, narcotics, gambling and more.
You will be taught all about the various types of narcotics in use and at work and you will also learn about the symptoms, behaviour and dangers of such drugs and abuse.

On the second day, you will learn all about mental health, its causes, its symptoms, its impact and what to do and what not to do.
Finally, on day 3 you will learn about motivational interventions, well-being, and positive mental health strategies.

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