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Do You Understand Millennials and What Motivates them at work?


Whoever attends this course will come away with highly valuable empirical learning about what Millennials want and don’t want. With each passing year, they are already the largest number of the workforce and not to understand them is to fail in recruiting and retaining them. As a result of this course, you will know rather than think what keeps them and what sends them running.


For professional organisations that value professional development. HR leaders, managers, owners, directors, team leaders, department heads, recruiters.


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Getting your leadership and management culture right is critical for your success. Today, Millennials have already graduated into senior roles, management as well as ownership. They are very different from their predecessors – Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and even Traditionalists. They respond in a completely different way to all prior generations in how they live, how they work, what they want, what they see and what will drive them away. Above all, millennials want learning and development, a career, not a job and to come away from work wiser and better equipped to do their job. And, to steal a saying, if you think learning and development are a waste of money, good luck hiring untrained staff.

For centuries, the generations were driven by a ‘Hand me down’ culture where leaders and managers largely replicated and improved what had gone before them. Hierarchy and authority were rarely questioned, and ‘motivation’ was not a common word.

In the early 1980’s that all changed. Millennials were born. They broke the mold, they are different and if you think they are more of the same as to how they are motivated, managed and inspired, then you will be forever disconnected, disadvantaged and increasingly irrelevant.

This one-day Workshop, based on deep international research, along with expert commissioned papers by a world leading expert on this intriguing generation, will give you insights on what motivates them, what does not, how they view brands, how they socialise, how they travel, how they see opportunity and, most of all, how to hang on to them.

As well as intelligence, information, facts, figures, and our own 19 years’ experience working daily with Millennials, this course will teach what turns them off, why they’ll engage, why they won’t, and you will leave with a very clear understanding of who they are and how to manage and motivate them.

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