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Why People Fail to Sell
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Monday 02 October 2017, 09:00 - 17:00
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Why People Fail to Sell

This workshop has been designed to assist participants to learn the tried and tested best practice techniques for understanding your customers’ needs, developing a sales sequence, presenting your uniqueness, enhancing your product knowledge, promoting the benefits and features of a product, identifying where people fail when making a sale, how best to handle objections and learning the phases of negotiation and closing the sale.

Participants will recognise the critical differences between sales and marketing and understand how marketing strategy directly influences marketing and sales plans and activities to increase sales.
They will have a clear understanding of customer markets and persona types to ensure sales propositions and communications effectively meet their needs.

They will understand the principal reasons why people fail to sell; have established the critical factors and competencies required in selling and learn how to improve performance in these areas.
They will understand and apply different approaches and techniques to different types of sales or selling situations.

Following participation in this workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of business/product features and USP’s and be capable of presenting and selling these as customer benefits to win the sale. Finally, this workshop will help delegates to develop confidence in dealing effectively with price resistance and customers desire to negotiate to close the sale.

The programme will consist of the following modules;
• Sales are for everyone
• Know your product and your market
• How to communicate your sales message
• How to win more sales
• How to inspire your customers
• Essential sales tips
• Meeting customers and sales appointments
• Action Plan Template

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