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The Psychology of Great Service
Price: €195
Tuesday 05 September 2017, 10:00 - 16:30
The Psychology of Great Service

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“A hospitality business is like a theatre.
Every night when the lights go down the show is over another day is done. The next day, no matter what has gone before it, the show will have a new audience, often a first time audience, and today’s show must, at the very least, be better than the day before. The actors who will deliver the show are your people. If you do not invest in them in many ways you will have an average show. After all, what is the point of a beautiful comfortable cosy theatre with great sets, great seats and great lighting if the guys on stage have no idea what they are doing?

The leader’s job is to keep the actors acting and the audience smiling”  - Conor Kenny
In a boom, service suffers – “Sure aren’t we flat out anyway?”
In a recession, service suffers – “We just can’t afford the right people”
In his latest book ‘Dancing at the Fountain – In conversation with world leading hoteliers’, Conor often quotes from the interview with Bernard Murphy, Gleneagles, Scotland, who said “Are you doing something for me or are you doing something to me?”
Of course, it is a subtle difference and one often driven by emotion rather than service but, ‘how you made me feel’ will last a lot longer than the words or even the actions.

This fascinating one day workshop, led by Conor Kenny, will explore, discuss and immediately create actionable homework to drive your service standards even higher. Why? Because after this workshop you will have a deep understanding of ‘impact’.

Based on experience, psychology and 2 highly successful books, this workshop will make you rethink your entire service proposition, psychology and behaviour.
(Now read the opening quote again!)

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Conor Kenny
Dublin - Venue TBA
Co Dublin
prestige award 2020
eu business award 2018