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How to Write a Really Good Menu
Tuesday 28 March 2017, 10:00 - 13:30
Fee €250\n

You might cook great food. You might use the freshest produce, the best local suppliers and your menu might be a constant seasonal delight …. But …. If you don’t tell me then please don’t expect me to guess.
Ireland has wonderful produce, great suppliers and even better Chefs, Cooks and more. The thing is, ‘The Menu’ is your advert, your billboard and your message. If yours is really good then I’m eager to choose. If it’s average then, I’m afraid, that’s how you sound and, if it’s really bad, I’m already gone.

The most important marketing tool is your Menu and how it is written, structured and the choice of words you use. Those words make a difference, a very big difference, to what I choose and what I decide.

This half day Masterclass, delivered by Conor Kenny, author of 2 highly successful books (Sales Tales & Dancing at the Fountain) and a frequent writer for many industry magazines at home and abroad, will teach you how to write a really good Menu that you can put into action immediately.

Places are strictly limited to allow for maximum one-to-one mentoring and help and the fee includes all course materials and refreshments.

The course will cover;
- Trends
- What the market wants
- The generations and what they want and how they decide
- Self-analysis and spotting your gaps
- Understanding words, their impact and your choices
- Understanding the difference between bad, average and really good
- Learning how layout and structure affect ordering decisions
- Learning how to write a really good Menu.

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