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How to Sell more For Christmas
Tuesday 05 July 2016, 10:00 - 13:30

There has been a significant change in today’s competitive and customer landscape and there has been as a result a sapping of individual’s confidence in their ability to read the market. Competitors are behaving in very short term cycles of ‘fire sales’ and customers are rightly looking for the best bargains. For operations engaging in the ‘fire sale’ approach it is usually a catalyst for the law of diminishing returns. Businesses are adjusting’ to finding their ‘voice’, chase their markets and position their ‘sales’ pitch appropriately.

This workshop offers an opportunity for a back to basics – refresher / energiser / confidence building exercise rallying around the core principles of effective selling. This process is designed to support sales and it creates unique selling points and unique points of difference while developing skills in both creative thinking and innovation.
The day is divided into review of action plans and brainstorming new initiatives.

• To come away with clear, effective and implementable ideas that will benefit some of the strategic training objectives.
• To refresh and ignite the innovation culture within the team.
• To produce ideas that are relevant to a new landscape.
• To share thinking, thoughts and ideas.
• To have a clear way forward with the ideas once created.
• To sustain the ideas after the workshop.
• To have a highly productive, useful and rewarding day.

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