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1 Day - Health & Safety Training
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 10:00 - 17:00
€150 per delegate\nCKA Retainers FOC

Morning Session: How To Deal with a Food Poisoning Crisis & Complaint Handling.

This workshop has been designed to communicate information that every team member of your hotel needs to know.

Section 1 will cover the procedures that need to be taken to handle an outbreak of food poisoning. Whilst the approach to the investigation and control of an outbreak is likely to vary, dependent on the circumstances, it is imperative that effective investigation and control requires work with your team to bring together the different areas of expertise to deal with a situation correctly.

The objectives of this section will include:
• What to do if an outbreak occurs
• How to handle an investigation
• How to handle the media
• Investigate the potential costs and damage to your business
• Being aware of common exposure factors

Section 2 of this workshop is aimed at team members who deal directly with customers, particularly in a front line roll. It will prepare them with the skills and resources necessary for dealing with complaints and irate customers. Participants will gain an understanding of customer needs and expectations, they will develop and implement effective communication techniques, learn how to handle difficult situations in a professional way which will boost their assertiveness and confidence.

The objectives of this section will include:
• Examine Complaints Minor/Major
• Identify 6 Golden Rules Of Customer Care
• How to apply Communication Skills
• The importance of Team work
• Analyse procedures already in place

Afternoon Session: How to Deal with Accidents/Incidents
This workshop is designed for Supervisors, Managers and members of your company’s Health & Safety Committee. The aim of the workshop is to highlight the financial, physical and psychological effects an accident/incident can have on a business and people. The workshop will clarify that the majority of people will go through their working lives without any injury or illness directly caused by the workplace but that it is essential to acknowledge that some employees and/or guests may be injured. Participation in this workshop will highlight what an accident or incident entails and what procedures can be implemented to prevent them.

The objectives of this workshop are:-
• How to identify the severity of an accident - Minor/Major
• How to attend to any injured party
• How to Plan what action to take following an accident/incident
• How to implement report procedures
• How to ensure precautions are set in place to prevent similar occurrences

Course Leader(s)

DCU Ryan Academy, Lake Drive, City West Business Campus, Dublin, , 24,
prestige award 2020
eu business award 2018