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1/2 Day - Effective Business Presentation Skills
Wednesday 23 March 2016, 10:00 - 13:30
€85 per delegate

- How do actors remember their lines?
- How do they deal with their nerves?
- How do they manage to keep us engaged?
- How can a business presentation be every bit as exciting as a performance, and still informative?

This half day Effective Presentation Skills answers these questions.

Designed and lead by a professional actor, this session covers every stage of presenting, from preparation to delivery.

The Objectives are that;

- You will learn how to structure a presentation of any type or length.
- You will learn how to get to the point, and get your message across.
- You will learn how to keep your audience engaged, and how to handle 'Q&As'.
- You will learn how to most effectively use PowerPoint and other visual aids.
- You will learn how to control your breathing and your nerves.
- You will learn how to 'perform' like an actor and still sound natural.

The presentation methods you will practice in this session are unique to Conor Kenny and Associates, and are based on actual techniques used by actors all over the world.

If you are someone who struggles with speaking in public, this session is for you.
If you are someone who is looking for a completely new perspective on presenting, this session is for you.

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DCU Ryan Academy, Lake Drive, City West Business Campus, Dublin, , 24,
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