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2-Day Managing Departmental HR Procedures
From Tuesday 12 May 2015 -  10:00
To Wednesday 13 May 2015 - 16:30
€395 per delegate \n(CKA Retainers Free)

Day 1 - Effective Conflict Management

Programme Aim & Objectives:

This aim of this workshop is to provide important knowledge, understanding and skills for any Supervisor, HOD or Manager within your organisation who are required to handle conflict within the workplace.

The workshop will introduce participants to the concepts of conflict management; the processes and some of the skills involved. It is a highly interactive workshop with group exercises, discussions, case studies and practice pieces.

Following this workshop, participants will:

• Have a good understanding of conflict and how conflict escalates
• Have a good understanding of different conflict styles and how they can impact
• Understand some of the consequences of not managing conflict
• Have learned some conflict resolution skills and techniques
• Have learned about the ingredients for lasting conflict resolution
• Have learned some of the steps managers can take to resolve conflict between others
• Have practiced some key skills which are important in conflict resolution


Day 2 - How To Appraise Your Team’s Performance

This workshop has been designed to identify Performance Appraisal and demonstrate how it provides an opportunity for individual employees and those concerned with their performance, typically department managers, to engage in a dialogue about their team’s performance and ongoing development, as well as the support required from the manager.

While performance appraisal is an important part of performance management, in itself it is not performance management: it is just one of a range of tools that can be used to manage performance. It is important that department managers understand their role in managing performance and how performance appraisal contributes to the overall aims of performance management.

Participating in this workshop will clarify that eeffective performance management requires clear structures within which people work and develop, and help them to help others to work and develop.

We will identify the benefits of having a well-managed Performance Appraisal system. Participants will gain the essential skills of performance appraisals and recognise that they must act as coaches to their teams to help them take ownership of their own development.

Participants will take part in role plays to practice running an appraisal interview using a prepared scenario which will also advise them on how to give oral critical feedback to their Appraisee and particularly how to give feedback when a member of their team is underperforming.

Course Leader(s)

Dunboyne Castle, Maynooth Road, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, , Ireland
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