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2-Day Reception Skills Masterclass
From Tuesday 24 March 2015 -  10:00
To Wednesday 25 March 2015 - 16:30
€395 per delegate (CKA Members Free)

 To improve sales techniques and maximise all sales opportunities
 To develop an understanding of your customer's needs.
 To consider what makes a great reception experience for your customers
 To improve communication skills and build a relationship with prospective customers
 To maximise room sales and revenue at your hotel through effective communication
 To understand the importance of pricing strategy.
 To develop strategies for selling to different personas ,markets and distribution channels
 To help you understand how you can convert more sales opportunities.
 To develop action plans for you to take back to your properties

Attending this Masterclass will enable you to identify your prospective customer's needs and what they consider when researching a venue for their break-away or corporate event. You will recognise the importance of good product knowledge that is required to effectively respond to their needs. You will identify unique selling points that you can use and ensure that you have effective communication skills together with selling and negotiating skills. You will identify the characteristics of a perfect Receptionist/Reservationist and rate your own performance by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Your behaviour, together with your appearance, is the only part of you that other people can see. It is important that you recognise the good pricing strategies you can use and evaluate the effectiveness of your distribution channels. You will also learn how to follow-up and close prospective sales.


"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"
George Bernard Shaw

"Oh, I did tell Barry, I'm sure I did. I texted him and left a message on Whatsapp"

One is old and one is new.
They both share the same problem, a timeless problem.

There's a big difference between "I thought I told Barry" and "I know I told Barry"

Communication, it's at the heart of every encounter and it's close to the heart of every human being.

How we communicate says a lot about who we are, our values, our brand and our beliefs.

This one day workshop has been designed for all team members who interact with your guests and customers, representing your hotel's brand by delivering your standards and best practice.
The workshop will commence with a group exercise to energise the group and bring focus to the objectives and aim of this workshop. During the workshop participants will learn how to communicate in a clear and professional manner which will assist them to recognise their physical behaviour and its impact on their customers.

Course Leader(s)

Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport, Dublin Airport, Dublin, , , Ireland
prestige award 2020
eu business award 2018