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How To Sell - Day 2 'How To Use The Telephone to Generate Sales' and 'How to Write a Proposal'
Wednesday 27 November 2013, 10:00 - 17:00
€150 per person (CKA Members Free)

This is Day 2 of our 2-Day Sales Professional Programme that has been written and designed for those that wish to sharpen thier sales skills and achieve results in their business.  In general, sales professionalism standards are low.  That also creates an opportunity.  This 2 part sales master class is original, practical, efferctive and memorable.  Participants will learn lots of techniques, tips and methods to win more sales.  They will gain confidence and learn how to control a sale.  Most of all, they will be highly equipped to k now how to attract, engage and win a customer.  Based on Conor Kenny's 28 years personal sales experience at the highest international level, participants will come away highly trained, equipped and ready.

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